The bottom line

Using our “recipe” Ener$aver product to increase the efficiency of your

power system allows your electrical motors to operate more efficiently and

draw less current through the distribution system in your building.

This reduced current draw translates into reduced kilowatt distribution losses.

These losses are very significant, and eliminating them produces a savings

in your electricity bill.

Our product eliminates these losses by canceling the magnetizing current

demanded by all of your inductive loads such as motors and transformers,

and thereby relieving your building’s electrical system from carrying this

extra current.

The Concept: saving your electricity costs intelligently.
If you use electrical equipment with motors, you can profit from our products.

AC induction motors are the single most common form of electromechanical

engineering in the world, accounting for as much electricity consumption as

anything else combined! In industry, for example, almost 70% of all electricity

is consumed by equipment with motors.
Today, high-energy cost and consumption is one of the major problems

facing industry today, causing many companies small and large to struggle

to maintain profit levels and remain competitive in the marketplace.
Incredibly, a motor can consume almost twenty times its initial cost each year!

Although motors play a vital role in the production of almost all products we use

and consume, there are several problems associated with their operation-all

of which can have serious cost implications. Industry is paying dearly for these

inefficiencies, and this is having a direct effect on our bottom line profits.

In reality, much equipment with motors are working significantly below their

design capacity.
When a motor is operating under less than full load a large amount of energy

is being wasted.
In typical applications, levels of utilization are approximately 50% with power

losses estimated to be between 30% and 70% of the motor full load rating.
Unfortunately equipment with electrical motors/compressors has no way of

intelligently adjusting or controlling the amount of electricity they draw in

relation to the work they do.
It is there for clear, if you could intelligently monitor and reduce the power drawn

by a machinery with an electric motor to match its actual need under variable

load conditions, then you would open up an enormous energy saving opportunity.
Here is where our “recipe” Ener$aver equipment assemblies can help you.

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