The New FARAGAUSS Electro-Magnetic Grounding Cube FG.CM/440

FARAGAUSS:  We are the leading and original brand.
We exist to research, develop and implement technologies for your manufacturing and distribution. Producing the best electromagnetic safety and efficiency equipment looking for the highest profitability, quality and low costs to be leading manufacturers of supplies for safety, efficiency and saving of electrical energy focused on industry, commerce and home.

The FARAGAUSS™ FG-CM/440 Cube  technological platform goes beyond the simple fact of burying rods or metals in the ground because, together with the offer of an innovative product, it provides a 100% professional technical attitude.
With our unique technology in the world registered and patented.

High Conductive Efficiency Technology (TAEC) with a useful life of more than one hundred years, is state-of-the-art technology for a new generation of electromagnetic grounding systems.

The exclusive design of FARAGAUSS™ materials allows them to exceed international standards to create a new family of electrodes with state-of-the-art technology.

Humidity: Moisture causes corrosion, oxidation and accelerated degradation of the electrode due to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that reduce the electrode’s electromagnetic dissipation properties; The use of the exclusive FARAGAUSS metallic material called electroplasma/solid, allows a new generation of electrodes to operate in all kinds and types of terrain on planet earth.

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