Less Than 2-Ohm FARAGAUSS Electro-Magnetic Grounding Electrode Systems

Less than 2-Ohm Faragauss electromagnetic grounding electrode systems.

Less than 2-Ohm Faragauss electromagnetic grounding electrode systems 1

Electromagnetic grounding systems and the Faragauss technology.
We market high quality electro plasma coated electromagnetic ground rods and protection devices globally.
These products, backed by our engineering and control services, made our offer the most complete and advanced you can find in the international market.


There is a wide range of applications for our state of the art grounding system such as: power plants and windmill generators, broadcasting stations, oil refineries, industrial enterprises, data centers, office & commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, radar and air traffic control and aviation communication centers, defence installations, wireless rural telephony networks, fuel & gas storage facilities, mines, microwave radio relay stations, CATV networks, industrial controls & automations, and high end residences.

What is a grounding system?

Soil improver compound.

Less than 2-Ohm Faragauss electromagnetic grounding electrode systems 2

Our Faragauss grounding technology is the best money can buy!


We should not be surprised at all if we find electrical currents in the ground where we have our building or facility. There is nothing exceptional. because the earth is constantly being saturated by disturbances resulting from existing electric fields, magnetic fields, system fault currents or electrical or electromagnetic discharges.

Atmospheric discharges, better known as lightning strikes, as well as geo-electromagnetic disturbances which navigate below ground can reach utilization devices, electrical or electronic equipment by entering the system through the grounding electrodes, the building´s steel structure, or the metallic water or gas pipes.

This electromagnetic energy load that saturates the earth is capable of entering our electrical or electronic system causing equipment malfunction, deterioration or even permanent damage.

Some of the consequences are short-circuits, over-voltage and under-voltage of regulated circuits, etc., and even altering the logical “0” for sensitive and delicate devices.

The optimum solution to this problem, AWD (American Working Directory) researchers concluded, is to completely eliminate the risk.

First, AWD researchers evaluated how energy navigating in the ground enters an electrical system. After confirming that an electrical load exists at the grounding electrode, where it is supposed to be zero voltage.

AWD researchers found out that the magnitude of the electrical load in the ground is much higher than they suspected. and that the electrical load entered the systems through almost every possible way.

The most important thing they discovered is that a grounding electrode, conceived to direct potentially dangerous fault currents to the earth, actually works as an antenna receiver underground, energizing the grounding electrode system and grounding network, causing connected equipment to fail, deteriorate or be destroyed.

Next, they investigated what exactly happens when an electrical fault occurs inside the building.

What did they find?
Shared information on lightning strikes and towers.
An ounce of prevention

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