INGESCO Direct Lightning Strike Protection Devices

Direct strike lightning protection systems.

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Lightning can damage electrical equipment by striking power lines and surging through a building’s wiring system. Building damage, facility damage, fires, personal injury and livestock loss usually result from direct lightning strikes.

Since 1973 the Ingesco group has been the Spanish company leader in the lightning prevention and protection sector.

RAYVOSS Transient Voltage Surge Suppression 2The Ingesco PDC lightning rods, with their non-electronic priming system, have maintained its position at the forefront of lightning protection technology for more than 36 years. Their different models allow an adjusted adaptation to the protection necessities and safety of each client, to whom it offers 100% effectiveness in discharges and operation guarantee in any condition and in all the cases.

A good lightning rod protection system is most apt to provide protection from these kinds of hazards. This guide will help explain the nature of lightning and how to provide protection for your family, business and property.

Direct Strike lightning protection & the Ingesco PDC and PDC-stream “ESE” system lightning rod, standardized according norm UNE 21.186. Useful for external lightning protection for all types of constructions.

There is a wide range of applications for our state of the art “Ingesco” lightning rod system such as: power plants and windmill generators, broadcasting stations, oil refineries, industrial enterprises, data centers, office & commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, radar and air traffic control and aviation communication centers, defence installations, wireless rural telephony networks, fuel & gas storage facilities, mines, microwave radio relay stations, CATV networks, industrial controls & automations, antenna towers, and high end residences.

The Ingesco lightning rods are manufactured to date with protection radius of between 35 meters and 113 meters.

– Central shaft and deflection set made in stainless steel. AISI 316.
– Exciter set: epoxy resine.
– 100% of efficacy in discharge capture.
– High level of protection.
– Electric continuity guaranteed. The device doesn’t offer any resistance to discharge conduction.
– It preserves its initial properties after each discharge.
– Not fungible (as it doesn’t include electronic elements).
– It doesn’t need external power supply.
– Operation guaranteed in any atmospheric condition.


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