Energy efficiency and conservation strategies.

Using energy as efficiently and effectively as possible will be

essential if we are to meet future energy needs and see a global transition

to sustainable energy sources. Without major changes in the way we use

energy to meet our needs (energy conservation), and use the most efficient

equipment and measures (energy efficiency), there is little hope of

reducing the impact of energy production and use to reasonable levels.

Energy efficiency means providing the same services with less energy.
Fortunately energy efficiency and conservation are also the lowest cost

options for meeting energy needs and provide many other environmental,

economic and social benefits, including cost savings, lower environmental

load and land emissions associated with energy production and

consumption, local economic development opportunities and associated

new jobs, enhanced reliability of energy system and reduce price volatility,

and improved energy supply security.

Energy conservation means using less energy services.

While it is in consumer and the public interest to use energy more efficiently,

there are several reasons why energy users and providers of energy, such as

utilities, do not always make rational investments in efficient technologies

and practices. Consumers often lack the information necessary to make good

choices; also the equipment, services and financing they need are often not

available. It is left to governments, therefore, to put policies and programs in

place that encourage investments in energy efficiency and conservation and

transform markets towards energy efficient products and practices.

Prime Technologies Inc. offers its customers Energy Efficiency services:
·         Power quality survey, analysis, monitoring, and reporting services.
·         Earth ground resistance analysis.
·         Electrical load management, energy “load shaving,” and “peak demand” control services.
·         Equipment procurement for the commercial and industrial sector.

How would you like to see your business electricity bills lowered substantially?
We can make this possible and the results are guaranteed.
Our concept has helped businesses and residential homeowners worldwide to

recover energy losses, by attacking the root of the problem, the hidden inefficiencies within your electrical system, and the energy company’s systems.

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