This is a synopsis of the results of a survey for a facility, a local supermarket.
Power usage:
Lighting                      5.73%
Air conditioners          31.67%
Refrigeration             60.83%
Resistive                     0.03%
Equipment                  1.74%

Power costs:
Before “recipe” Ener$aver Installed:
High               $1763.00
Low                $1124.00
Average        $1406.00

After installing “recipe” Ener$aver units:
High               $1498.00
Low                $955.00
Average        $1195.00
Energy Cost  Savings: 15.0%!
Cost of “recipe” Ener$aver systems installed:         $4493.00
Annual savings: $2532.00!
Payback period  in years: 1.77  years or about : 21.¼  months!
Rate of return of “Your Investment” (ROI) 56%!
It is quite obvious that our “recipe” Ener$aver units will pay for

them self’s in a very short time indeed, hereafter your energy savings

will be net profits!

Please call for an appointment at: Tel : 736-1353  when you have

made your decision to reduce your overhead and increase your profit margin.

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