Soil improve compound

It consists in a sandy slime that contains a great amount of native silver. It is used in order to make more conductive the material in the well where the magnetic electrode will be buried.

Why is it that our system is better than the traditional system of copperweld rods?
The traditional physical-ground-system based on copperweld rods was invented more than 200 years ago by the American physicist Benjamin Franklin.
At that time and by many years, the solution brought good results in terms of providing security in electrical systems.
Today, the system designed by B. Franklin is obsolete but we continue its use.
Most copperweld rod is a section of iron covered with a thin copper layer of only 0.03 inches.
The copper covering undergoes degradation during the first years when being in direct bonding with the soil, which generates a significant loss in the electrical properties of the rod itself.
Once the copper covering has disappeared, the work of providing physical grounding carries out exclusively on the iron, which like so, corrodes quickly given its high-carbon content.

Our Electromagnetic Grounding Electrodes have a 15 years manufacturer warranty.
Our electrodes operate altogether with our Equipotential Coplagauss Coupler. (Acoplador)

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