What we offer

  • Prime Technologies inc. Consulting & Marketing Services.
  • Procurement of Industrial & Commercial Plant Equipment with Associated Products, Components, and Machineries.
  • Telecom Industry (brand name) Hardware & Equipment, LED Red Flashing Warning Tower/Mast Beacon Suppliers.
  • Maritime/Shipping Industry: Machinery & Electrical Automation.
  • Equipment & Services.
  • Faragauss: Advanced Plasma Coated Electro-Magnetic (2 ohms) Grounding Tripod Rod Equipment with Coplagauss Admitancy-Synchronizer Interphase Device Grounding Technologies.
  • Ingesco Direct Lightning Strike Protection: ESE Rods & Lightning Protection Solutions for Buildings, Facilities, Telecommunication Towers, Telecom Sites, and IT Room Equipment.
  • Clean Agent Stat-x Fire Suppression, Extinguishing Equipment, and Complete Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Rayvoss Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Equipment (TVSS) for Telecommunication Sites & Facilities, Facility Load Monitoring, and Cost Reduction Solution.
  • Industrial & Commercial Applications. Electrical Energy Conservation Equipment for the Industrial,┬áCommercial, and Residential Sector. (A/C Compressor Energy-Saver Devices)
  • Humitech Humidity Control Systems for Fresh Produce: Walk-in Fruit & Vegetable Reach-in Cooling Rooms.
  • Renewable Wind & Solar Energy Equipment, Stand Alone, and Whole House Power Supply Systems.
  • Electric Network Power Quality Analysis, Auditing, Load Recording, and System Efficiency Monitoring Services.
  • Energy Load Control Equipment, Electrical Peak & Demand Control Devices.
  • Automatic Power Factor, Power Enhancement, and Harmonics Control Devices.


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