What our customers are saying

“Our flowers last longer, the temperature has dropped and the quality of the arrangements are fantastic. We have also noticed that our doors do not fog up due to the change in the temperature from opening and closing the walk-in coolers. We are very satisfied and would recommend this to other florists.” Bent Tree Florist “Great savings on the cost of having to run the coolers. We also did not get as many bent necks on flowers such as Irises and Roses.” “Not only does it keep the cold-box displays doors, in the retail portion of the store, free from fog, but I have also noticed a savings on my electric bill. The best result of all is the longevity of my flowers. Before the installation my Gerbers lasted about a week, but now they last more than two weeks. This has resulted in a very significant savings for me. The result from the installation have been very positive, both financially and aesthetically.”

Ikenobo Floral Arts Florists “We are so elated over the product in our coolers. We have found that the humidity stays well balanced, the flowers last longer. Roses never turn with blue  edged, and the red Carnations do not tinge on the edges as they normally do. I highly recommend the panels for all florist coolers.” Flowerama “We noticed immediately that there were improvements in the life of our product. It was very noticeable that our flowers were looking better for a longer time period. So   much so that regardless of how tight money was, we decided to buy them as we felt the reduction in dump age would more than pay for them.”

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