Restaurants will benefit from the Humitech system in the same way as hotels do.

  • Energy savings
  • Reducing the cost of produce
  • Health and safety



Shane Osborn – Chef / Owner of the acclaimed Pied a Terre, London

“I think this product is a breakthrough, it´s one of those wonder products that do everything.  It´s good for the environment, good for the fridges and good for the food.´


James Walker – Head Chef, le Pont de la Tour (Conran Group)

“They´re fantastic, really fantastic.  I´m amazed at the difference they´ve made to the temperatures in my fridge´


Robin Reed – Executive Chef, Refuel at the Soho Hotel, London

“It´s nice to have consistent temperatures at last and a big relief to know that, we have no concerns about the temperature going up too high any more.  The salads and herbs especially are holding better.´


Daniel Berhanu – Head Chef, The Sheraton Belgravia, London

“At first I couldn´t believe this would work, but I was so surprised and now I love it.  Herbs, salads, berries etc, are all lasting so much longer´


Phil Clarke – Executive Chef, Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London

“What it has done for the humidity in my fridges is truly amazing, they´re all perfect now and the condensation problem in the prep fridge has completely gone.  All our delicate foods – soft fruits, herbs, cresses etc, are all staying fresh much longer, I´m really pleased with the difference´


Hugh Hodgins – Chief Engineer, Marriott Grosvenor Square, London

“Humitech provide a great product that saves energy and enhances refrigerated food quality.  The units pay for themselves in saved energy costs alone.  I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone in the Marriott group of hotels.


Jerome Tauvron – Executive Chef, L´Etranger and Beauberry House, London

This is something that I would definitely recommend to other chefs who care about their food.  I am particularly fussy about odours and the filters have made a huge difference.


Dasos Charalambous – Executive Chef, Ferrari´s Group, South East

“I´ve never known my walk-ins to keep such low temperatures since the Filters were brought in.  All my food is definitely staying fresher longer, these should be used everywhere.´


Alan Bell –  Executive Chef, Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Our walk-ins are much colder and fresher, all our food is lasting longer, we are very happy with the panels.’


Jim Hoskin –  Head Chef, Caledonian Hotel, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

“The fridges are a lot fresher and are better at maintaining the correct temperature.  The produce is lasting longer and I have recommended Humitech to our hotel group.’


Malcolm Brown –  Head Chef, Mansion House, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

“My fridge is much fresher and my produce is lasting a lot longer.’


Phil Hall –  Head Chef, Matfen Hall Country House Hotel, Northumberland

“The odors have virtually disappeared from my fridge, and the conditions are a lot better since the panels were installed.’


Fred Brazier – Head Chef, Novotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

“The Humitech Panels have greatly improved the conditions in my fridges since their installation.’


Gordon Campbell – Executive Chef, Nunsmere Hall Hotel

“A fantastic product!  I would have no hesitation recommending Humitech Filters to any chef.´


Tony Hughes – Executive Chef, La Mon Country House Hotel

“In today´s kitchen the humitech Panel is not a luxury it is a necessity, if you care about food and want to save on energy costs.’


Liam McLieve – Executive Chef, Ramada Hotel

“My food operation in the Ramada is quite substantial, and I Have fund Humitech has reduced wastage and increased the shelf life of all produce throughout the seven fridges the panels are in. Productivity is at an all-time high and wastage at an all-time low.’


Edward Clooney – Executive Chef, The Merrion Hotel, Dublin

“The first thing I noticed was the drop in temperature after the panels were installed.  I then could not believe how much longer the perishables were staying in peak condition.  I would strongly recommend Humitech.’


Craig Dunn – Head Chef, Langs Hotel, Glasgow

“While I have always maintained my fridges to the highest standards, I did indeed notice an increase in the shelf life of my stored fresh food and that my units were both fresher and drier.  I would recommend the panels to anyone who cares about the quality of the food they serve.’


Dean Butler – Head Chef, Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast

“There is no doubt that my walk-in is definitely a lot cooler.  I have noticed all my produce, especially my vegetables and herbs, are lasting so much longer.’


Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts

“My kitchen staff told me that my cooler has no smell and I have noticed my lettuce and fruit are crisper down the middle.  I am actually saving money in my kitchen because I am not throwing away as much food as before.´


Christina Duguid – Head Pastry Chef, Marriott Grosvenor Square, London

“We had a problem with condensation on our home made chocolate, but since the Humitech Filters have been installed our sweets are now perfect.  I am also amazed at how much longer our soft fruit and other perishables are staying fresh.´

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