Our services include

Power Quality and Power Systems Consulting: From time to time, a facility needs to engage the services of an expert in the area of power quality issues.

Energy expenditure reductions: Load profile can be generated to track      daily, weekly and seasonal variations in energy consumption, while critical loads can be metered and sub-metered to evaluate consumption and reduce energy costs.

Perform Preventive Maintenance Activity-based Costing: Track energy-related costs by department, floor, process or equipment and machinery performance, function and output. Revenue-accurate metering allows for easy cost comparison with utility bills.

Perform Energy Conservation and Load Reduction: Shed non-essential       loads or bring distributed generation on line to reduce consumption and/or participate in utility-sponsored demand reduction programs. Evaluate the value of energy efficient equipment such as lighting and HVAC changes.

Reduce Demand Peaks and Related Costs: Avoid demand surcharges           to predict kW demand andidentify the cause of demand  peaks and limit (kva) peak occurrences. Generate alarms on events such as excessive load, equipment failure, or when operations are likely to exceed contract terms for service or energy supply.

Evaluate Impact of Production Equipment on Energy Costs: Monitor the      efficiency of large, energy-consuming equipment to improve performance.

Plan for expansion by analyzing load trends and available capacity for new equipment.

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