Quality certifications

Harmonic filters need to be UL listed and CSA certified. This would abide by the requirements of the NEMA, ASA, UL and CSA standards.

Manufacture of harmonic filters,

Automatic harmonic filtering systems. Our products set the industry standard in harmonic optimization at the guaranteed lowest prices and with a minimum up-front investment.

They are manufactured with insulating materials that comply with the CSA winding insulation system class 220, which is the highest insulation level that is recognized in the industry.

Windings: can be copper or aluminum

Enclosures: drip-proof, weather-proof, and standard types

Harmonic filter – application areas.

Harmonic filters are well suited for three-phase, 4-wire electrical power distribution systems that supply single phase, non-linear loads. There are various application areas for harmonic filters, the most important being:

  • Adjustable speed drives
  • Welders and battery charges
  • Computer equipment
  • Consumer electronics

The major end-user industries for harmonic filters include:

Industrial – printers, extruders, machining, heavy industries: pulp and paper producers, mining, oil and chemical refineries, iron and steel, rubber and plastics, glass and cement, food processing.

Utilities – electrical utilities, water treatment plants.

Commercial – data centers, telephone centers, hospitality services.

Residential – consumer electronics, personal computers.

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