Some lightning facts

Industrial parks, manufacturing plants, churches, schools,banking centers, hospitals, sports complexes, corporatecenters all benefit from certified lightning protectionsystems!1. Lightning is the leading cause of church fires (30+%) inthe United States.2. Between three and five percent of all commercialinsurance claims are lightning related in the US.

Ground the metallic framework of your PV array. (If your framework is wood, metallically bond the module frames together, and wire to ground.)What to connect to your ground system:

Be sure to bolt your ground wires solidly to the metal so it will not come loose, and inspect it periodically. Also ground antenna masts and wind generator towers. Ground your A/C generator and inverter frames. This protects from shock hazard as well as lightning damage.

Surge protection devices bypass the high voltages induced by lightning. They are recommended for additional protection in lightning-prone areas or where good grounding is not feasible (such as on a dry rocky mountain top), especially if long lines are being run to an array, pump, antenna, or between buildings.

Studies show that a certain relationship exists between the height of an air terminal and the area of protection that this grounded terminal will provide.

The protected horizontal distance is about two times the height of the object on which the terminal is mounted.

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